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Creating your own fall decor...

I'm so excited that fall is finally here because that means cooler weather will soon be approaching! I've been shopping around for new fall decor this year, but couldn't find anything that I loved AND was in budget. (This inflation thing is starting to ruin my decorating budget)

While I was shopping around at Hobby Lobby, I came across this paper mache pumpkin that fit my home aesthetic and the vibe I was going for this year. AND the best part? It was 50% off!

I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but knew that this was the color AND the budget I was going for this year.

I grabbed a few fall floral arrangements before checking out and headed home to start on my DIY decor project.


To make this a quick and easy project, I decided to keep it very simple.

I first cut a hole about the width of my fall floral arrangement into the top of the pumpkin. I inserted the floral arrangement into the top of the pumpkin and then wrapped a festive ribbon around the opening to cover any gaps.

And, I'M FINISHED! What do you think?! :)

I love how simple, quick and inexpensive this project was.

If you have any DIY projects, leave a comment below & let's share ideas with one another!


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