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Are you looking to update your living room? Have you been wanting a fireplace in your space? Need a place to hide your remotes from your toddler like us?! Then keep reading to get some inspiration for your next project. :)

When I posted the TikTok about the hidden storage mantel, I did not expect it to go viral! Let me remind you, Jake and I are first time home owners trying to figure out how to upgrade our spaces on a budget. We are not professionals! ;) We are learning and gaining experience as we go, but happy to share what we did so you can create your own, or an even better mantel!

Now, let's get straight to it... no need for 14 paragraphs about why we wanted this, right?! ;)


  • Two 65"x 7.25" x 1" pine boards (for the top & bottom pieces)

  • Two 7.25" x 5" x 1" pine boards (for the side pieces)

  • One 66.5" x 5" x1" pine boards (for the front piece)

  • 2x4's to secure to studs for added support



| ONE |

Cut all pieces to desired size/width. (You can also have your local home improvement store cut these pieces for you for an additional charge. TIP - Go during the week when they aren't busy.)

| TWO |

Use the Kreg jig to create pocket holes. Technically, pocket holes should have gone on the outside, but we wanted them hidden and eliminated a step by having to fill in the pocket holes later. If you don't know how to create pocket holes, please watch this video from Kreg.


Install desired hinges to the bottom and front pieces of the mantel. (These are the ones we used. People have asked why we didn't have the opening the opposite way and it would have been difficult once opened to see whats in the mantel. There are also other less expensive hinges that you can use instead.)

| FOUR |

Next, install your mantel to your wall and/or fireplace. Using a stud finder and drilling into the studs is the best way to ensure that your mantel will be secured properly. Jake used this nifty tool I got him for Christmas last year. It was easy to use and worked well in the tight spaces that our drill couldn't get to. (Not pictured: 2x4's were added as support to the top of the fireplace box and that's how we secured it to the fireplace wall.)


If you build your own hidden storage mantel, be sure to tag ShemwellSpaces on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok!

If you would like links to our living room, CLICK HERE.


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