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We finally completed our laundry room makeover recently and I can’t believe the transformation! We started out with this boring and blue accent wall…

Then, I used a sharpie to create this faux shiplap wall and it was incredibly easy. For more information and instructions, click HERE.

For the second part of our makeover, we wanted to create a floating shelf and countertop, but wanted to keep it budget friendly. We had a lot of supplies on hand already, but purchased the remaining supplies from Lowe’s.

Below is a list of everything we used in order to complete this project.


  1. 4 2x4s – $3.14 each

  2. 2 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood – $16.92 each

  3. Screws – $5.98 (we had this already)

  4. Nails (included with our brad nailer)

  5. Wood Stain – $7.98 (we had this already)

  6. Polyurethane – $9.98 (we had this already)

Total cost in supplies: $70.34


  1. Sander – (this is what we have)

  2. Table Saw – (this is what we have)

  3. Brad Nailer – (this is what we have)

  4. Stud Finder – (this is what we have)

  5. Measuring Tape

For a list of all of our favorite tools, CLICK HERE.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases when you click our links at NO COST TO YOU.

Step one: Mark the walls where the studs are and measure how high you want the countertop and floating shelf/shelves. This makes it easier when installing. Next, measure the length and width of the countertop and shelf.

I found some old lights in storage so we ended up installing those before the countertop. These lights are over a year old, but here’s a link to similar ones.

Step two: Measure and cut the sheets of plywood to desired length. We followed Shanty2Chics instructions HERE on creating our floating shelf and countertop.

Step three: Install countertop and shelf to 2x4s in wall. Learn from our mistake and install the shelf first before the countertop. It’ll be easier. 😉 Secure the countertop and shelf to the 2x4s with the brad nailer.

After we installed the countertop and shelf, we decided to build something for in between the washer and dryer. We found Thrifty and Chic’s blog post and used her instructions to recreate something similar.

Here is the final look! If you’re interested in what decorations we purchased for this space, see below.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases when you click our links at NO COST TO YOU.

  1. Baskets

  2. Laundry tin

  3. Glass jars (spray painted lids black)

  4. Faux plants (we had most of these already in storage)

  5. Laundry sign (made by us but linked a similar one)

What do you think of our final look?! Jake says it’s looks like something out of a magazine! HAHA. For once I am looking forward to doing laundry and can’t wait to fold everything on our new countertop.

Leave your comments below – I’d love to know what you think! 🙂


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