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Why we painted our ceiling blue...

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No matter how hard we tried to keep the front porch ceiling area clean, there always seemed to be a constant nest living there. We have pressure washed, used bug spray, chemicals, etc. and nothing really seemed to work. But then one day while pinning, I came across an alternative for preventing insects AND a short DIY project. ;)

I headed to the local department store to grab some "haint blue" paint. Why haint blue you ask?! I came across several reasons online and here they are!


  • repels insects

  • prevents birds

  • brings good luck

  • keeps evil spirits (haints) away

  • it's a southern thing

  • & it just looks better! :)

This is an easy DIY project that most people should be able to complete within a day. (Unless you're fancy and have a ginormous front porch... then it may take more than a day ;) )


Disclaimer: I earn commission on links at no cost/purchase to you.

What color did you use?

What paint brush/roller did you use?

Here is a list of our most used painting products: CLICK HERE

What material is your ceiling?


Does it work?

It's been two weeks and we have already noticed a difference. There hasn't been not one nest that has returned.

For more information, check out our TikToks:

Do you have a blue porch ceiling?

  • Yes!

  • Nope, but I want one now!


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