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Mastering the closet of her dreams...

My friend Casey really wanted to upgrade her master closet and asked me to help create it. (you already know I said of course!!) She came up with the design/layout using Google Floorplanner app. We are both beginners when it comes to using tools, but with the help of Youtube these days, you can figure (almost) anything out! :)

We took a few trips to home improvement stores to determine what type of materials, finishes and etc. would be needed to get this job done. And, since we are both pretty impulsive women, we just went for it!

(below is what her closet looked like before this makeover)

This project took about a month of nights and weekends to complete. Here is a list of materials and tools that we used in order to complete her closet remodel.

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| ONE |

We removed the old wire racks and filled the holes with spackle. Then, while that was drying, we removed the baseboards using the razor knife and crowbar. Make sure you remove (or push in) any nails that are still poking out from the wall or else you will have a difficult time fitting your studs/bases in properly.

| TWO |

Next, we cut the 2x4's for the base with the handsaw and formed boxes. Then secured those "boxes" into the wall studs.


We purchased the wood online at Home Depot and asked them to cut the Sanded Plywood 4' x 8' sheets into 1.5' x 8' strips. (about 3 strips per sheet) Most home improvement stores will cut your wood for you if you do not have the tools to do it yourself at home. They may charge a slight fee for additional cuts (usually $.25 a cut). Another tip is to go during the week when they are least busy! :)

We then used the 1.5' x 8' strips to assemble the boxes/frames of the closet by using the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. During this time, we also built the IKEA Tarva Dressers.

| FOUR |

After everything was assembled and secured into the wall studs, we caulked and sanded everything using a 220 grit. Casey color matched her master bathroom cabinets to the closet for a more cohesive feeling throughout the space. If you would like to do the same, remove your smallest drawer (door front only) and take it to your local home improvement store so they can color match it for you.

Once everything dried, we installed the drawer knobs, curtain rods and new lighting (shoutout to Chris, Casey's fiance for installing this beautiful light!).

Now it was time for the real fun to begin - ORGANIZING! :)

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